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Model Burial Ground Rules

Model Burial Ground Rules 2009. A list of rules for a burial ground for a council to tailor to suit local arrangements.

Tue, 4th Feb 2020

Maternity Leave and Pay Policy Template NALC

A template maternity leave and pay policy which includes a pregnant employees rights to paid time off work to attend appointments, the maternity leave period and pay arrangements and return to work arrangements.

Tue, 4th Feb 2020

Lone Working Policy Template NALC

This template lone working policy can be tailored to suit the needs of an individual council and helps to identify those areas that need to be considered when an employee works alone.

Tue, 4th Feb 2020

Information Technology Policy Guidelines Template

The purpose of an IT policy is to set out the parameters on how council staff should use the technology that the council provides them with in order to do their job. This template policy should be tailored to suit an individual council's arrangements.

Tue, 4th Feb 2020

How to ensure compliance with data protection requirements (HR)

This document relates to data protection for employees, this practical guidance supports NALC's template HR Data Protection Policy

Tue, 4th Feb 2020

Homeworking Policy NALC Template

NALC Homeworking policy template includes policy on a safe working environment, facilities and equipment and hours of work.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

Grievance Policy NALC Template

A grievance policy template with an informal and formal grievance procedure. The arrangements to carry out an investigation, information to include in a notification for a grievance meeting and the appeal process.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

Flexible Working Policy NALC Template

A flexible working policy template to enable councils to outline how a request for flexible working will be addressed.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

Expenses Policy NALC Template

An expenses policy template which outlines and expenses claims procedure, specific expenses allowances for homeworkers, mileage claims, training expenses, meals allowances and overnight accommodation.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

Emergency Dependents Leave Policy NALC Template

This template allows a local council to set out the arrangements for paid or unpaid emergency (unplanned) absences to allow an employee to tend to a dependent such as a parent, partner or child.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

Disciplinary Policy NALC Template

A template disciplinary policy. The document includes a link to the ACAS Disciplinary and Grievance at Work Guide. The template gives examples of misconduct and gross misconduct. It gives an explanation of 'unsatisfactory work performance' and outlines a procedure to deal with warnings, disciplinary meetings and appeals.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

HR Data Protection Policy NALC Template

A Data Protection Policy template for HR -related personal data.

This policy applies to the personal data of current and former job applicants, employees, workers, contractors, and former employees, referred to as HR-related personal data. This policy does not apply to the personal data relating to members of the public or other personal data processed for council business.

Mon, 3rd Feb 2020

YLCA Advice Note 09: Chairman's Allowance May 2019

This YLCA Advice Note covers the legislation which allows the payment of a chairman's allowance, what the allowance may be used for and arrangements for the payment of the allowance.

Wed, 22nd Jan 2020

NALC Annual Report 2017-2018

The Annual Report from NALC for 2017/2018

Tue, 14th Jan 2020

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Death of a Senior National Figure Protocols

This document published by the National Association of Civic Officers advises local councils on the recommended protocols to be in place in the event of the death of a senior national figure including members of the Royal Family and Prime Minister.

Tue, 14th Jan 2020

Managing Double Taxation

Whilst this document was commissioned by NALC in 2010 it includes some useful information on what double taxation is and when it may occur. It covers the relevant legislation, devolved services, conducting a review and creating suitable policies. It also promotes local council/principal authority charters to encourage working together between the local and principal authority sectors.

Tue, 14th Jan 2020

Power to the People

The power to the people document is a joint document produced by NALC and the Local Government Chronicle. It includes a survey of local council facilities carried out in 2016 and lots of case studies about devolution of services from principle authorities and local council empowerment across the country.

Tue, 14th Jan 2020

Reaching Out

Reaching Out - A Guide to helping principal and local councils tackle loneliness.

Tue, 14th Jan 2020

Guide to Heritage in Neighbourhood Planning

This guide to heritage in neighbourhood planning produced by The National Trust covers heritage policy and designation, the statutory neighbourhood plan process, evidence base, writing the plan, community and stakeholder engagement and community led development.

Thu, 9th Jan 2020

Checklist Smaller Authorities Transparency Code

This is a useful checklist for smaller councils (below £25,000 turnover) that are required to comply with the transparency code. It lists the items that must be uploaded to a publicly accessible website.

Thu, 9th Jan 2020