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COVID19 Updates

Councillors - do you get White Rose Update and our general advisory briefings direct? If not, contact Joy Morgan and ask for a consent form to be sent to you -

Useful links:

Central Government Coronavirus information
For all the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic go to

MIND - Advice on Health and Wellbeing with links to NHS advice

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has a specific coronavirus page for the local council sector :

ICCM Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

NSALG - National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

ACAS has lots of useful information relating to employment matters

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The Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (YLCA) is a membership organisation for local councils and parish meetings in North, South and West Yorkshire.

This is a membership site and only subscribing members may have access. Only the log in details supplied by the YLCA will be effective.

If your council or parish meeting is not currently a member of YLCA but you want to know more, including the membership fee, please contact the office for advice(contact details at bottom of this page).

All enquiries for advice to a local council or parish meeting should be submitted on the website in accordance with instructions issued to all members.

The office team : from left to right
Karen Canadine - Local Councils Officer
Joy Morgan - Administrative Officer
Karen Mann - Local Councils Officer
Nicola Moorcroft - Local Councils Officer
Sheena Spence - Chief Officer

The picture shows Alison Robinson GAPTC CEO

The Team

Please remember that any YLCA Member Council can access the National Association of Local Councils' members site. This contains legal information and updates for first-tier councils, and the latest policy and parliamentary news and briefings.

Members' access is via a username and password. Please contact us if you don't already have these details.

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Please remember to use the YLCA website 'Request Advice' system for your council's/parish meeting's advice queries and if we ask you for more information to enable us to deal with an enquiry, please send it through the website system, not via the e-mail that our request is sent on, (as this is a no reply address).

Please use for all other queries (training, webinars, publication orders etc).

Thank you.