13th April 2024

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YLCA Joint Executive Board

The Joint Executive Board is the policy making and overseeing body of YLCA. It comprises representatives of member councils, elected at the annual meeting of their area Branch. The number of representatives to the Joint Executive Board is decided by the Joint Annual General Meeting from time to time.

The Chair of the Board is Councillor David Rowley. The Chair is held on a rotational, four yearly basis between West, North and South Yorkshire with South Yorkshire holding office until 2027. The Executive Board Vice-Chairs are Councillor Tim Saunders (West Yorkshire) and Councillor Stuart Bradnam (North Yorkshire).

Currently the representation is as follows:
North Yorkshire - 10 members (two from Harrogate and Hambleton Districts, 1 from each of the other districts and 1 from York);

South Yorkshire - 5 members;

West Yorkshire - 7 members (2 from Leeds, 5 from the South Pennine district);

President and Vice-Presidents are ex-officio members of the Joint Executive. Since July 2018, the Executive has 22 members based on a formula agreed by the Joint Annual Meeting held on 15 July 2017. The Joint Executive Board meets 4 times per year and minutes of meetings can be found in the Guidance and Resources section of the website.

The YLCA has eleven Branches which meet three times a year and include representatives from member councils in the Branch area. Note that the Branches in North Yorkshire opted to retain their borough/district area titles upon local government reorganisation in that area from 1 April 2023:
South Pennine
South Yorkshire

You can find minutes of the meetings here.

The Joint Annual General Meeting appoints a President who is currently Councillor Derek Liddell.

The following committees which meet quarterly report to the Joint Executive Board:
Finance and Scrutiny Committee;
Personnel Committee;
Strategic Working Group.
The Board also has an IT Working Group and Service Award/Royal Garden Party Working Group.

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