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Yorkshire Local Councils Associations

Who we are

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations is an independent membership organisation which includes over 500 local councils (parish, community, town councils and parish meetings) throughout North, South and West Yorkshire. The Associations are a federation of three 'county associations' which have agreed to work jointly and to deliver their services on a joint basis. Although the three bodies come together under an umbrella constitution which governs their joint working, the constitutions are such that each Association can act autonomously to a point if it wishes or needs to do so.

Membership of YLCA also affiliates councils and parish meetings to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). YLCA works closely with NALC to support, guide and advise councils by giving members legal and technical advice, information and training relevant to their work and generally to support their work and governance. YLCA has a sound democratic structure which promoted the ownership and involvement of the members and allows the Associations to speak with authority on behalf of local councils and parish meetings. This, in conjunction with its highly knowledgeable staff team, ensures that the Associations have a deep knowledge and understanding of the situation and needs of local councils of all shapes and sizes across a considerable swathe of rural and urban England.

What we do (Member Benefits)

Delivering specialist information and training to members;

Offering casework advice on legal, procedural and technical matters;

Drawing members together to address issues of mutual interest;

Liaising with principal authorities, government departments and other local/regional/national agencies on matters affecting parish and town council;

Delivering specific work or projects;

The Associations work closely with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and are managed by a Joint Executive Board elected from the membership on a proportional geographic basis.

The Associations have four advisory officers:

Mrs Sheena Spence – Chief Officer
Mrs Nicola Moorcroft - Local Councils Officer
Mrs Karen Canadine - Local Councils Officer
Ms Karen Mann - Local Councils Officer
The Administration Officer is Mrs Joy Morgan

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