NALC Legal Topic Notes

LTN1 -   Councils’ Powers to Discharge their Functions

LTN2 -   The Chairman of Local Councils

LTN3 -   The powers of a parish meeting in a parish without a separate Parish Council

LTN4 -   The powers of community meetings in communities without councils

LTN5 -   Parish and Community Council Meetings

LTN6 -   Meetings of Parish Meetings 

LTN7 -   Non-Councillor Members of Committees

LTN8 -   Elections

LTN9 -   Handling Complaints England (December 18)

LTN10 - Royal Visits 

LTN11 - Celebrations and Similar Events

LTN12 - Titles of Dignity

LTN13 - Policing your area

LTN14 - Byelaws (August 16)

LTN15 - Legal Proceedings

LTN16 - Control of Litter

LTN17 - Control of Dogs

LTN18 - Local Councils’ Power to Provide Parking Spaces

LTN19 - Unauthorised Parking on Private Land

LTN20 - Markets and other Events

LTN21 - Local Council help for Village Halls

LTN22   Disciplinary & Grievance Arrangements

LTN22 - Disciplinary and Grievance Policy Templates

LTN23 - Health and Safety

LTN24 - The Human Rights Act 1998

LTN28 - Basic Charity Law (April 2017)

LTN29 - Straying Animals

LTN30 - Defamation

LTN31 - Local Councils General Powers

LTN32 - Local Councils and VAT

LTN33 - Councillors’ Allowances

LTN34 - Retirement Gratuities

LTN35 - Contracts

LTN36 - Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977

LTN37 - Freedom of Information

LTN38 - Data Protection

LTN39 - Copyright

LTN40 - Local Councils’ Documents and Records

LTN41 - The Responsibilities of Councils as Landowners (June 2016)

LTN42 - Occupiers Liability

LTN43 - Private Access to Council Land

LTN44 - Trespass to Land

LTN45 - Disposal and Appropriation of Land by Local Councils

LTN45A -
Disposal of charity land by local councils acting as Charity Trustee

LTN46 - Registered Land

LTN47 - Easements

LTN48 - The Difference between Leases and Licenses

LTN49 - Business Tenancies

LTN50 - The Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995

LTN51 - Agricultural Holdings Act 1986

LTN52 - Temporary Use of Allotment Land

LTN53 - Protection of Common Land

LTN54 - Protection of Ownerless Common Land

LTN55 - Adverse Possession Claims

LTN56 - The Provision of Play and Sports Equipment on Village Greens

LTN57 - Easements over Common Land and Village Greens

LTN58 - Appealing Planning Decisions

LTN59 - The Rights of Local Councils to be notified of Planning Applications and Decisions

LTN60 - Copies of Planning Documents

LTN61 - The Status of Parish Town can Community Councils at Public Enquiries

LTN62 - Planning Control over Agricultural Land and Buildings

LTN63 - Planning and Building Control Enforcement

LTN64 - Tombstones and Memorials

LTN65 - Closed Churchyards and Disused Burial Grounds

LTN66 - Nuisance (Public and Statutory)

LTN67 - Nuisance (Private)

LTN68 - Negligence

LTN69 - ASBOs and Harassment

LTN 70 - The Local Environment

LTN71 - Naming and Numbering of Streets

LTN72 - Highways

LTN73 - Community Governance Reviews

LTN74 - Alternative names and styles for parish councils

LTN75 - Lease Negotiations

LTN76 - Energy performance requirements

LTN77 - Public Rights of Way

LTN78 - The Equality Act 2010

LTN79 - Staff Pensions

LTN80 - Members’ conduct and the registration and disclosure interests (England)

LTN81 - Pre-Determination

LTN82 - Compulsory Purchase Orders

LTN83 - Neighbourhood Planning

LTN84 - The Community Right to Challenge (England)

LTN85 - The Community Right to Nominate and Bid for Assets of Community Value (England)

LTN86 - The Disclosure and Barring Service

LTN87 - Procurement

LTN88 - Event Licensing