Advisory Service

A member council is entitled to access advice in varying ways:

Desktop Advisory Service

Enquiries are accepted via telephone, letter or e-mail. YLCA officers deal with a wide diversity of queries - legal, procedural and technical. In order that officers can deal with legal enquiries, member councils are asked to put these into writing and also send copies of any relevant supporting papers/minutes/reports/legal documents. Our policy is to respond to the council within 15 working days although where we have to access advice from the NALC legal team this could take a little longer.

We also have a policy that advice for the council will normally be given via the Proper Officer (clerk). However, we will give advice to a council chairman when the clerk is unavailable and we have been advised of this or the query relates to the employment of the clerk.

National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Legal Team

About 95% of the enquiries that we receive are dealt with by YLCA officers. However for those more difficult and legal enquiries we use the legal team at NALC. Their solcitior and legal executives provide advice to YLCA which is then passed to the member council. Member councils should note that enquiries cannot be sent direct to NALC - they must be sent to YLCA and officers decide which queries need to be handled by NALC.

E-mail enquiries

When sending an e-mail enquiry please can you remember to ensure that the name of the council is shown clearly in the e-mail heading. Thank you. All enquiries should be sent to:

Postal enquiries

New enquiries should be addressed to: YLCA, York House, Outgang Lane, Osbaldwick, York, YO19 5UP.